The Listening Path®

A system that transforms how you lead, sell, and succeed in your life and work.

Transforming the World One Conversation at a Time on The Listening Path®

EQuipt People is a training and consulting company dedicated to helping organizations develop their staff and create cultures of understanding. The Listening Path® is our proprietary system on transformational listening that has been embraced at various Fortune 100 corporations, universities, law firms, and privately-held companies nationwide.

The Power of Transformational Listening

Transformational listening has a profound impact on the speaker and the listener. For the speaker, being heard validates their feelings, and they often gain clarity and insight simply by articulating their thoughts.

As a listener, transformational listening fosters learning, growth, and enhanced emotional intelligence. It cultivates better relationships, both personal and professional, as it creates a foundation of trust, respect, and understanding, and better problem solving and collaboration.

At the end of the day, transformational listening is more than a skill. It’s an act of love, respect, and empathy. It’s a declaration that says, “I am here for you, and — you matter to to me.” By honing this art, we invite deeper connections, greater understanding, and an immense potential for transformation in our relationships and ourselves.

In conclusion, transformational listening is a powerful tool that can change the way we perceive and interact with the world. With practice, we can move away from being passive receivers of information to becoming active participants in meaningful, transformative interactions. So, let’s listen – not just with our ears, but with our hearts and minds, inviting connection, understanding, and transformation into our lives.

Embrace the journey of transformational listening, because every conversation holds the potential to change a life. Remember, when we choose to truly listen, we open the door to understanding others deeply and being deeply understood in return.

What is Transformational Listening & Why Does it Matter?

Transformational listening teaches the listener how to listen to not only attend to, but to understand. Transformational listening is a practice of active, empathetic, and purposeful listening that goes beyond merely hearing the words that are spoken. It’s about truly understanding the essence of what’s being communicated, including both the explicit and implicit messages, and responding in a way that reflects this understanding. It aims to build a deep and authentic connection with the speaker and to promote understanding, empathy, and meaningful interaction.

What People are Saying?

I had the opportunity to have Christine work with my team on how to more effectively show up for their customers. Christine’s ability to break down the listening process and give tools to effectively engage with people to gain true understanding is an invaluable skill in business and in life.

Michael O’Donnell

National Vice President, SAP North America

We engaged Christine to assist our Executive Team to help them problem solve better. Through her curriculum, they went from a team that spoke over one another to a more connected team with better listening skills by using The Listening Path®.

Kelly Sanfedele

Director of Human Resources, Binsky & Snyder

Hearing is not listening and the results of the two could not be more different. Christine demonstrates this in her actions and teaches this in a way that is both relatable and practical. Transformational Listening is not just a valuable skill to learn—it is a necessary one.

Kyle Bray

Chief Operating Officer, Consumer Medical

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