The Book That’s Changing
How We Listen

Recognized by the Axiom Business Book Awards, this groundbreaking book will completely transform your ability to listen. What Is It Costing You Not to Listen? uncovers why listening is the most powerful communication skill we have.

Book about Listening

The Story Behind Transformational Listening®

I decided to write this book because I believe people want to listen understand, empathize, and be present for the people they love, care about, and work with, but we have not been taught how. We are all failing at listening while doing very little to address or solve the problem, and it is costing us dearly. We blame people for not listening while we primarily teach people how to talk, know, and tell.

My hope is to create a movement where listening, not speaking, is recognized as the most important and powerful form of communication. Where there is personal focus on developing the skill of listening and where educators, business leaders, and corpora tions put time and resources toward the cause.

The journey begins with you. I will take you on the path of how to transform how you listen, giving you the gift of understanding, and you will receive more than you gave as a result. This book is divided into three parts: Section One about why listening is so important; Section Two about how to listen differently; and Section Three on the Listening Path®, which provides the tools you need to transform how you listen.

As someone with dyslexia, who is also fundamentally impatient, I understand we all read, absorb, and learn differently. I have included both written exercises to help you build your skills along the way and summaries to give you snapshots of each chapter. This is your book, your guide, my gift to you to use in whatever way works best for you.

This book will help you:

  • Hear what is said and not said
  • Identify your listening persona and realize when it is unhelpful
  • Soothe your subconscious so you can listen differently
  • Listen with intent to gather others’ stories
  • Replace interfering direct questions with just six questions
  • Mini-reflect to speed up the listening process without getting lost
  • Affirm to create alignment, break down walls, and solve problems

What People Are Saying

“We are so fortunate to have had Christine Miles speak to our business students several times, sharing her amazing life lessons, many of which demonstrate the art and power of being a tuned-in listener. Her new book is a must read for people from all walks of life, and one I intend to get into the hands of as many of our students as possible.”

“I first met Christine Miles several years ago when she was the featured speaker at an IT Conference in Atlanta. She had two spots on the agenda, and I had volunteered to be one of the panelists she interviewed in her first session. I still have my notes from her presentation and refer to them frequently to ensure I am asking the right questions and listening to understand what is being said; not just hearing an answer. ‘Tell me more’ and ‘Then what happened?’ have enabled me to get all the facts. I can honestly say she has had a huge impact on my success.”

“Christine nails the missing and most important piece in communications— listening. I’ve witnessed how deeply she listens and the way she listens when she interacts with you. Translating this into a book for anyone interested is a gift to your life I wholeheartedly champion.”

“It may be more important than ever to make a conscious decision to seek to understand others. To do that we need to know how to listen. Christine’s approach is both brilliant and simple.”

Christine Miles is a recognized expert on training individuals and organizations on how to listen in ways that transform how they lead, sell, influence, and succeed in every aspect of life. What Is It Costing You Not to Listen? covers her breakthrough system, The Listening Path® that equips people with the most important human skill – listening to understand.

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