At the core of our approach and programs lie several key principles that drive our commitment towards fostering personal and business success. By engaging with our programs, you’re investing in a thorough understanding of yourself and others, a skill that is critical to success. We cater to your unique needs, tailoring our programs to help you achieve your goals – when you win, we win.

By understanding the interdependent nature of your organizational systems, we provide a systemic approach promoting harmony within your team and increasing effectiveness within your organization. Through our programs, we elevate not just your innate talents, but also critical human and emotional intelligence skills, positioning you ahead in the competitive 21st-century pool.

The focus remains on facilitating immediate, visible change in behavior and rapid skill acquisition, allowing you to apply new knowledge instantly for immediate improvements. We ensure deep, comprehensive learning through our use of diverse learning modalities- participatory, tactile, kinesthetic, visual, and auditory.

Most importantly, our programs are fun, engaging, and interactive. They promise an enjoyable learning experience, marrying educational goals with increased morale, helping your team to be more cohesive, inspired and motivated. With us, learning doesn’t have to be a chore; it becomes a fun and engaging experience. Your success is our priority, and we’re full of creative ways to get you there!

1 day to multi- day Listening Path workshops:

Who: Sales, leadership, product development, Executives, Customer service, HR, legal. Etc.
  • Learn the foundational skills of transformational listening,
    • Transformational listening enables your team to uncover underlying problems, gain trust, earn credibility, and consistently provide smarter solutions and drive value.
    • Earn the right to sell and be a true consultant.
    • Deescalate customer and employee issues.
    • Tap into the real needs of your key stakeholders.
    • Turbo charges your sales process and product knowledge.

1 day to multi- day Listening Path workshops:

Who: Educators, high school student:
  • Learn the Foundational Listening Path tools:
    • The ABC’s of Listening for the classroom and life
    • Using the Listening Path tools to support students learning.
    • Manage conflict.
    • Solve problems.
    • Develop EQ and life skills.
    • Connect
    • Manage difficult parents and situations.

EQ Transformation Program

Who: all levels of leadership, cross-functional teams, emerging leaders, established leadership team etc.
  • Program goals, cost and scope determined by assessment.
  • Includes facilitated programs, team coaching, individual coaching.
  • Create a common language of listening.
  • Elevate the organization’s EQ at large.
  • Elevate the organization’s EQ at large.
  • Elevate all facets of communication and cross-functional teaming.
    • Listening to Understand
    • Lead with purpose
    • Story building and storytelling
    • Managing difficult conversations
    • Framing and messaging
    • Tapping into passion and purpose
    • Problem solving and negotiation.

Who we serve:

  • Sales teams
  • Leadership teams (all levels)
  • Customer Service Teams
  • Product development teams
  • IT teams
  • HR teams
  • Schools: Teachers and students
  • All levels of the organization

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