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[Podcast] Holiday Tension

Christine Miles says the root of most holiday tension and arguments stems from not listening to each other. She says we listen to less than 3% of what is said to us before forming an answer. This leads to increased stress and tension especially at the holidays. She has a list of tips on how to avoid holiday arguments and tensions that will allow you to come together as a family and even enjoy the office parties.

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Negotiation Ninja Podcast

[Podcast] The Power of Understanding with Christine Miles

What is it costing you to not listen?  Over time, when you stop listening, it erodes your relationships. It might be at work, it might be at home, but it impacts every facet of your life.  That’s why listening is at the heart of learning to resolve conflict.  Conflict resolution isn’t always about agreement—it’s about alignment. You need to be able to respect each other’s viewpoints and decisions. And it’s why “The Power of Understanding”’

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Nacho Kids Podcast

[Podcast] Nacho Kids Nacho Parenting Interviews Christine Miles to Discuss Communication in Blended Families

In this episode, Lori, founder of Nacho Kids Nacho Parenting, interviews Christine Miles, author of “What Is It Costing You To Not Listen?”. One of the biggest struggles couples have, in nuclear and blended families, is communication. Listening plays an integral part of communicating, and unfortunately not many have been taught how to listen.   Listen to Podcast.

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Triumphant Learning, Homeschooling

[Podcast] How To Improve Your Relationships With Listening Skills

Most people have taken a speech class, but very few were ever taught how to listen. And yet, listening is one of the most important skills for parents to use when raising children. How you listen and respond affects all aspects of your home atmosphere. Listening well allows you to develop deeper relationships, improves the effectiveness of your homeschool lessons, and reduces struggles with your children.

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