[Podcast] Retail Podcast 904: Christine Miles Disarming Unruly Customers

Bob Phibbs interviewed award-winning author Christine Miles about the value and skills of listening – and more – on this episode of Tell Me Something Good About Retail.

Top Takeaways:

  • The Repercussions of Not Listening: Not listening effectively can lead to “death by 1000 cuts.” Retailers might not realize the repercussions of not listening until they lose customers and damage relationships.
  • Equating Listening to Learning: Listening is a primary learning tool that enables the assimilation of information, formulation of pertinent questions, and solution of the correct problems. Effective listening leads to enhanced problem-solving and comprehension abilities.
  • Listening Path to Understanding: The “listening path” solves the problem of not listening, guiding individuals to understand the meaning, message, and person.
  • Changing How We Engage in Conversations: Traditional conversational methods focus on responding, but listening should prioritize understanding and summarizing before responding.

Listen to Podcast.

In Other News

Maslow Before Bloom: The Opportunity of Transformational Listening to Enhance Educational Development

Transformational listening in the classroom enables educators to identify and address the various psychological and emotional needs of their students. By actively listening to understand on a deeper level and responding to these needs, teachers can create a sense of safety, belonging, and esteem among their students. This nurturing environment is essential for students to progress towards self-actualization and engage in higher-order cognitive tasks.

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