[Podcast] Holiday Tension

The holiday season is in full swing. Holiday parties, holiday shopping, holiday decorations and get-togethers are all part of the season as are holiday tensions and arguments. The holidays are supposed to be filled with love, laughter, good cheer, and those tiny sparkly lights that make the mood feel festive. Unfortunately, celebration often deteriorates into epic discord when family and friends gather during the season. Christine Miles, known worldwide as the ‘listening guide’ says the root of most holiday tension and arguments stems from not listening to each other. She says we listen to less than 3% of what is said to us before forming an answer. This leads to increased stress and tension especially at the holidays. She has a list of tips on how to avoid holiday arguments and tensions that will allow you to come together as a family and even enjoy the office parties. Christine is a professional keynote speaker, consultant, executive coach, thought leader, entrepreneur, and radio show host.

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Maslow Before Bloom: The Opportunity of Transformational Listening to Enhance Educational Development

Transformational listening in the classroom enables educators to identify and address the various psychological and emotional needs of their students. By actively listening to understand on a deeper level and responding to these needs, teachers can create a sense of safety, belonging, and esteem among their students. This nurturing environment is essential for students to progress towards self-actualization and engage in higher-order cognitive tasks.

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