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I grew up with my two older brothers and parents in Yardley Pennsylvania. My mom worked various jobs but she ultimately was a stay at home mom while my dad worked for Johnson & Johnson. As a kid, I was intrinsically interested in people, specifically adults. This was most likely due to being the youngest child and being influenced by my elders. I would often find myself wandering off and striking up conversations with strangers, whether it was on the beach, the grocery store, or the mall. I clearly disregarded everything I was taught about stranger danger, but luckily my parents were always (relatively) close by. Later in life, this interest drove me to go to college for Psychology. During this time, I had an internship position which focused on adults with eating disorders and various addictions. Working in that setting solidified my interest to make a difference in people’s lives. However, obtaining my dream job with solely a BS degree was nearly impossible. After I graduated I began working in sales and marketing. Although sales was not necessarily my niche, it taught me how to work with people differently. After about five years of work experience under my belt, I decided it was time to continue my education. I recently completed my MS degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and I plan on utilizing my educational experience, EQuipt’s mission, and my interest in gathering stories from others in order to best guide them.

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