Elizabeth Thomson

Elizabeth Thomson

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My deep curiosity for people and their stories began when I was 4. My father worked in academia, specifically in development and fundraising, so I was raised in that environment. I remember regularly attending formidable fundraising dinners at a very young age. Standing on a chair in my little knee socks, I learned how to carry on conversations with adults. This early introduction to communication with people shaped who I am and what I do today. I’ve had a varied career starting in publishing higher-ed editorials and moving through sales training, consulting, and resource planning for start-ups. Throughout my career, my curiosity about people and their stories transformed into a desire to help them find their voice and fulfill their goals. At EQuipt, this manifests in my role as a facilitator and story coach. I love talking with people, hearing their stories, and using my skills as an excellent and experienced communicator to strengthen their communication skills in the workplace.

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