Kayla Muscato

Kayla Muscato

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I learned at a very young age that I had a knack for assessing the needs of others. I am the youngest in my family, with three siblings that are eight, ten, and thirteen years older than me. My sisters both had waitressing jobs, and I can remember them complaining about their aching backs and feet after working long shifts. At nine years old, I naturally decided to capitalize on their suffering by hanging up a “Masseuse” sign (spelled “Masooze” with perhaps some backwards letters) on my bedroom door and charging them $1 for 15 minutes. Half the time they would actually pay me, but almost all of the time, I just wanted my sisters to feel better. I have since applied this mentality to the rest of my life. I became the neighborhood therapist without the degree. I was drawn to behavioral health and spent five years working inpatient and outpatient at a psychiatric hospital. I worked in medical records, handled the front desk, and initial intake, and eventually became a human rights officer. Listening to the struggles and needs of the patients changed my perspective on just about everything I had previously known. I met Christine Miles at my employer’s annual company meeting, where she hosted workshops that resonated with me long after we left and went back to work. I knew that I had to connect with her to learn anything and everything she could teach me about listening, empathy, and people. I immediately felt the importance and urgency to apply these skills to how I interact with my co-workers, my loved ones, and myself.

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