Kristen Haldeman

Kristen Haldeman

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I grew up in rural Hershey, Pennsylvania where my father worked on our family farm and my mother was a stay at home mom. I studied Spanish and Communications to learn about different cultures and how to bridge the gap between people with different backgrounds. I wanted to learn how to connect with people and meet them where they are in their own life story. I began to have an itch for adventure, so I studied abroad in Spain. I realized that the values I grew up with and the things I learned about new people were the same regardless of the culture, the language, the food, and the place. I completed graduate school and held jobs as a story coach, communication lead, and content writer. Wherever I am, regardless of the role, I approach the task like I learned from growing up in a farming family: I plant seeds, nurture, and care for them, pay attention to detail, learn from any mistakes, remain present in every moment, and share my success with others. I believe that these values are the keys to success and the foundation of my work at EQuipt. 

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