Christine on MLTV Author Hour With Richard Lyntton

Host Richard Lyntton welcomes author, Founder and CEO of EQuipt, Christine Miles on his YouTube channel MLTV Author Hour. Christine’s book is titled ‘What is it Costing You Not to Listen?” and it explores the idea that we has humans are not the greatest listeners, although we may try. Christine offers her own advice about how to be a better listener in this episode of Author Hour.

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Maslow Before Bloom: The Opportunity of Transformational Listening to Enhance Educational Development

Transformational listening in the classroom enables educators to identify and address the various psychological and emotional needs of their students. By actively listening to understand on a deeper level and responding to these needs, teachers can create a sense of safety, belonging, and esteem among their students. This nurturing environment is essential for students to progress towards self-actualization and engage in higher-order cognitive tasks.

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