Internationally Renowned Teacher, Author, and Speaker John Doran Joins EQuipt People’s Advisory Board Brings Expertise in Bringing Listening to a VUCA World

Wayne, PA/September 27, 2023 – EQuipt People announces that internationally renowned teacher, author, and speaker, John Doran has joined the organization’s advisory board. Based in Ireland, Doran is known for his message of the transformative power of education to disrupt poverty and for developing the SMART Training Program (Stress Management and Resilience Training). He is a highly sought after speaker for leading Fortune 1000 corporations and international conferences. His message aligns with the core mission of EQuipt People to create cultures of understanding through listening.

“I am very honored to join the EQuipt People Advisory Board with CEO Christine Miles,” said John Doran. “The so called “soft” skills are now essential skills in a VUCA world. Listening is a superpower… and Christine is a master practitioner. Delighted to be literally on board.”

“I am very pleased to have John on board,” said Christine Miles, CEO of EQuipt People. “John’s message of transformative education is known throughout the world and will help in advancing the mission of EQuipt People. His addition to our Advisory Board helps increase our international presence and growing clientele in the education field.”

John Doran is a Global Celt, TEDx speaker, media contributor and has been an educator for more than 29 years. He is passionate about helping people to show up as the best version of themselves, so they can give their best rather than what’s left.

John has designed and delivers the SMART Training Program (Stress Management and Resilience Training) and speaks to the topics of resilience, Emotional Intelligence, wellbeing in the workplace, stress management, and maximizing personal performance.

John is also the author of ‘The Ways to Well-Being’, which is designed to help 15–18-year-olds explore how to maintain their own sense of well-being, leading to improved academic outcomes in school and a sense of accomplishment in life.

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